What Are Fuel Perks?

Fuel Perks is a great way to save money on fuel! If you have a Bi-Lo bonus card you can start saving now.

What are fuel perks! ?
Fuel perks is a valuable way to save money when you are at the gas pump by purchasing groceries at Bi-Lo.  You get $0.05 for every $50.00 you spend  before coupons.  Also, with specific promo offers you can gain even more money to save at the pump.

How do I know what gas stations use fuelperks! to save money? 
Go to FuelPerks Locator to find a station near you are look for the fuelperks logo on the gas pump.

Do I have to spend $50 at one visit?
No, your fuelperks! add up on your receipt so that you will know how much more you need to gain savings.

Do fuelperks! expire?
Yes, fuelperks do expire so make sure you look at your receipt for expiration date.

What will it look like at the store pump?
Smart Shopping Ladies has a great example of a gas receipt used to determine how much savings can be had. 

For more information on fuelperks! Go to Bi-Lo’s website and see a great video.

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