Sneak Peek Of New Bi-LO Ad (5/4-5/10)

Sneak Peek Of New Bi-LO AD (6/3-6/9)

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Sneak Peek Of New Bi-LO Ad (12/10-12/16)

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What A Deal: Buy Venus or Fusion Razors-$10.98 Get: Crest Toothpaste Old Spice or Secret Deodorant Gillette Foamy Shaving Cream TopCare Liquid hand soap


BOGO’s: 2 liter Coca-Cola products-$1.99 Country Style ribs-$3.99 on 2 lbs Dole Salad kits 9.2-14.4 oz.-$3.99 Mrs. Smith’s or Edwards Pies 25-38 oz. or 8 oz. Cool Whip topping -$8.99 Hickory Sweet Bacon 16 oz. regular or 12 oz. center cut-$6.29 Mueller’s Pasta 12-17.6 oz.-$2.59 Wish Bone Salad Dressing 16 oz. bottles or 2.5-2.8 dry mix-$2.99 Mama Lucia Meatballs 20 oz.-$6.99 Hormel Cure 81 Boneless Ham -$7.99 (must buy 2) Sea Best Breaded Seafood 9-10 oz.-$8.99 Pier 33 Gourmet Butter Garlic Mussels 16 oz.-$6.99 Nature’s Collard, Kale, Mustard or Turnip greens 1 lb.-$3.49 Vlasic Pickles 16-32 oz. or Sweet or Dill Relish 10 oz.-$3.34 Southern Home Ranch Dressing or dip mix 1 oz.-$1.29 Keebler Town house crackers 9.5-16 oz.-$3.99 Chinet 24-72 ct. plates or platters, 25 ct. tumblers, 48 ct. cutlery , 40 ct. dinner or 90 ct. all occasion napkins-$5.99 Southern Hojme pretzels 11-14 oz.-$1.59 Chinet 24-72 ct. plates or platters, 48 ct. cutlery, 25 ct. tumblers, 40 ct. dinner or 90 ct. all occasion napkins-$5.99 Pompeian Classic extra light Olive oil 48 oz.-$6.99 Log Cabin syrup 24 oz.-$4.09 Kraft Macaroni & cheese dinner 5-7.25 oz.-$1.76 Community Coffee 12 oz.-$6.99 Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn 3 ct. or 4 ct. mini or 3 ct. Jolly Time popcorn-$3.29 Birds Eye corn on the cob 12 pk-$4.39 Watermelon Chunks-$3.49 Fisherman’s Wharf Shrimp 12 oz.-$14.99 Nabisco Honey Maid Graham Crackers 7-14.4 oz.-$4.49 McCormick Spices 0.18-9 oz. or 1 oz. specialty extracts-$14.99 Hillshire Farm Lit’l Smokies 13-14 oz.-$4.49 Louis Kemp Imitation Crab 12 oz.-$6.99 Campbell’s Select or home style  soup-$2.99 Duncan Hines Signature or classic cake mix 16-16.5 oz.-$2.69 Fresh Baked 8 ct. Vienna Rolls-$2.99 Tribe Hummus 8 oz.-$2.99 Taco Bell Products 5.54-16.3 oz. dinner or dessert kits, 7.5 oz. restaurant style sauce, 15-16 oz. thick or chunky salsa or con queso -$3.99 Palermo’s Pizza 11.6-20 oz. or 13 oz. J&J super pretzels or 9.6 oz. pretzel dogs-$6.99 Tetley Classic Tea Bags 24 ct.-$2.59 Juicy Juice 64 oz.-$3.29 Kraft Belveeta Cheesy Skillets or Casseroles 8.6-15.66 oz.-$3.99 Pepperidge Farm Layer Cake 19-19.6 oz. , 12.5 oz. turnover desserts or PET ice cream 56 oz.-$5.99 Wise Potato Chips 6.2-7 oz.-$2.99 Kool-Aid, Tang or Country Time 6-8 qt, 10-12 ct. singles Kool-Aid or Country Time or 8 qt. canisters Crystal Light-$3.99 Hormel Chunk Chicken Breast 10 oz.-$3.49 Land O Lakes Margarine Quarters 16 oz.-$2.19 Select Kids Toys -$19.99 Paws Premium Dry Cat Food 3.15 lb. or 12 oz. snausages beef and cheese-$4.32 Xtra Liquid Laundry detergent 48-50 loads-$3.99 Osteo Bi-Flex 40-120 ct. or Sundown vitamins -$25.77

Sneak Peek Of New Bi-LO Ad (11/19-11/27)

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BOGO’s: Kraft shredded or chunk cheese 7-8 oz.-$4.57 Lay’s Potato chips 9.5-10 oz.-$4.29 Mayfield Selects ice cream 48 oz.-$5.99 Ritz Crackers 7.5-16 oz. or Crackerfuls 6 oz.-$3.99 (part of 4 day sale) Hormel Cure 81 ham-$7.99 Smithfield Bacon 12-16 oz.-$6.99 Fisherman’s Wharf Raw or Cooked Shrimp 12 oz.-$14.99 Fisherman’s Wharf Fillets 12-16 oz.-$8.99 Sabra Hummus , Salsa or Guacamole 8-16 oz. or Stacy’s Pita Chips or Crisps 6.75-8 oz. -$3.99 Alouette Cheese spreads 6-6.5 oz.-$4.99 Panera Soup 16 oz.-$4.99 Progresso Traditional or Rich & Hearty Soups 18.5-19 oz.-$2.64 Mueller’s Pasta  12-17.6 oz.-$2.59 Stove Top Stuffing 6 oz.-$2.49 Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix 32 oz. or Syrup 24 oz.-$3.89 Kellogg’s Cereals 14.7-24 oz.-$5.15 Kraft Deluxe or Velveeta Shells & Cheese 9.4-14 oz. or 12.6 homestyle deluxe or 3.9 oz. homestyle cups-$3.29 Duncan Hines Signature or Clasic cake mix 16-16.5 oz.-$2.69 Jell-O Gelatin 8 servings or PUdding 6 servings-$1.69 Betty Crocker Cake mixes 15-16.25 oz.-$2.39 Arnold or Oroweat Dutch Country Bread 22-24 oz., Thomas Bagels 20 oz. or Nature’s Own 100% Whole Wheat Bread 20 oz.-$4.49 Bheez-It Crackers 9.75-13.7 oz. or Keebler Club Crackers 11-16 oz.-$4.49 Nabisco Wheat Ehins Popped or Tasted Chips 4.5-8.1 oz.-$3.89 Planters Peanuts 16 oz.-$4.69 Emerald Almonds 8.5-9.5 oz.-$6.29 Pop*Secret Popcorn 3 ct.-$3.49 Tastykake Swirly cupkakes or dreamies 14 oz. or Hostess Donettes 10.5-11.25 oz.-$3.99 Swiss Miss Cocoa 10 pk-$2.79 Kool-Aid, Tang or Country Time 6-8 qt, 10-12 ct. Kool-Aid or Country Time singles or Crystal Light on the go sticks 7-12 ct.-$3.99 Simply Potatoes 20 oz.-$2.89 Edwards Pies 25-38 oz., Mrs. Smith’s Flakey Pies 37 oz. or Cool whip Toppings 8 oz.-$8.99 sister Schubert’s Mini Loaves, Super Soft pretzels or Hawaiian rolls 10.2 -12 oz.-$3.99 Bird Eye Steamfresh begetables 10-12 oz. plain or Momma B’s Mac & Cheese 28-30 oz. -$7.99 Dixie or Vanity Fair 12-48 ct.  plates, bowls or perfect touch cups or 100 ct. Moments plates-$3.29 Southern Home Foam plates 50 ct. or Full Size Cutlery 24 ct.-$2.49 Nature Made Vitamins -$9.99

Fuel Perks: Jimmy Dean Breakfast sandwiches 12.6-18 oz.-$5.99 (earn 5 cents for every 1) Fresh baked Arisan sourdough boules-$2.99 (earn 10 cents for every 1) Cheesecakes 32 oz.-$9.99 (earn 15 cents for every 1) Heinz Gravies 12 oz.- 4 for $5 (earn 5 cents for every 4) Tostitios Chips 9-13 oz. or Tostitos or Lay’s Dips 14-15 oz.- 2 for $7 (earn 5 cents for every 2) Arizona Tea 128 oz.-2 for $5 (earn 5 cents for every 2) Buy any 8 pk Coca-Cola product 7.5 oz. mini cans and a select Nabisco product and get 15¢ Bonus FuelPerks! Santa Rita Rita 750 ml-2 for $15 (earn 30 cents for every 2) Michael Angelo’s Multi Serve 20=-32 oz.-$6.99 (earn 3 cents for every 1) Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers Sauced Selects 11-12 oz.-2 for $5 (earn 5 cents for every 2) Pillsbury Deep Dish or Twin pie crusts 10-12 oz. or 10-12 ct. pillbury biscuits- 2 for $5 (earn 5 cents for every 2) Mondavi Private Selection 750 ml-$9.99 (earn 25 cents for every 1) Ziploc Storage or Freezer Bags 10-50 ct. -$3.49 (earn 5 cents for every 1) WoodBridge 1.5 liter-$9.99 (earn 10 cents for every 2) CupCake 750 ml-$8.99 (earn 5 cents for every 1) Gallo Twin Valley or Liberty Creek 1.5 liter- 2 for $16 ( earn 10 cents for every 2) Apothic or Freixenet 750 ml-$9.99 (earn 5 cents for every 1) Mirassou 750ml-$8.99 (earn 15 cents for every 2) Clos Du Bois or Mark West 750 ml-$8.99 (earn 10 cents for every 2) Beringer Founders’ Estate 750 ml -$6.99 (earn 5 cents for every 1) Trapiche 1.5 liter-$9.99 (earn 25 cents for every 1) Barefoot 750ml-$5.99 (earn 10 cents for every 2) Gnarly Head 750ml-$8.99 (earn 25 cents for every 1) Josh Cellars or La Merika 750 ml-$11.99 (earn 25 cents for every 1) Layer Cake 750ml.-$14.49 (earn 25 cents for every 1)

Sneak Peek Of New Bi-LO Ad (11/5-11/11)

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½ Price Sale: Premium classics or spinach 8-12  oz.-$1.50 Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip 30 oz. or 22 oz. squeeze-$2.90 Pork shoulder blade steaks or country style ribs-$1.99 lb. Hormel Black Label bacon 12-16 oz.-$4.50 Lay’s potato chips 9.5-10 oz.-$2.15 Quaker cereals 10.3-14.5 oz., instant oatmeal 9.8-15.1 oz. or instant grits 12 oz.-$2.35 Pet ice cream 556 oz. or Kemp frozen yogurt 48 oz.-$3.00 Thomas English muffins 12-13 oz. or Arnold country wide pan bread 24 oz.-$2.30 Boneless center cut pork chops -$2.75 lb. Hormel BBQ butt roast 32 oz.-$5.50 Smithfield thick cut bacon 24 oz.-$5.50 Smithfield lunchmeat 10 oz.-$2.00 Eckrich smoked sausage 13-14 oz.-$2.50 Fisherman’s Wharf shrimp 12 oz. raw or cooked-$7.50 Fishermna’s Wharf fillets 12-16 oz.-$4.50 Ocean Cafe crab cakes or bites 16-17 oz.-$5.00 Gulf Pride raw shrimp 16 oz.-$10.00 Fresh baked 6 ct. bolillo rolls-$1.25 Southern Home seasonings, spices or extracts 0.1-5.2 oz. excluding 1 oz. vanilla extract-$2.50 Lawry’s marinades 12 oz.-$1.78 Nabisco newtons or fruit Thins 10-14 oz.-$2.30 Luzianne family size tea bags 24 ct.-$1.50 Welch’s 100% juice 64 oz.-$2.00 Entenmann’s Little Bites 8-11 oz. or Hostess cakes, muffins or multipacks 8-16.1 oz.-$2.25 Kellogg’s Special K bars 4.4-4.86 oz.-$1.70 New York Texas Toast croutons 5 oz.-$1.00 Mezzetta peppers 16 oz.-$1.35 Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn 6-12 pk-$2.50 Finish tab or gelpacs 12-20 ct. or gel 75 oz.-$2.69 Halls cough drops 30 ct.-$1.10 Gold Bond lotion 13-14.2 oz. or 11 oz. Selsun Blue shampoo or 2-4 oz. Right Guard or Dry idea deodorant-$5.00 Nature’s Bounty vitamins or Ester C 60-90 ct.-$5.40 Pup-peroni dog treats 5.6 oz, Milk-bone soft and chewy dog treats 5-5.6 oz. or Paw’s soft treats 25 oz.-$4.00 Kellogg’s cereals 12.2-15 oz.-$2.29 Preogresso soups 18.5. light, 18-19 oz. Hearty Healthy or vegetable classic soups-$1.29 Keebler Town House crackers 9.5-16 oz.-$2.00 Duncan Hines classic or signature cake mix 16-16.5 oz.-$1.29 Taco Bell dinner or dessert kits 5.54-16.3 oz., con queso 15 oz. , restaurant style sauce 7.5 oz. or thick and chunky salsa 16 oz.-$2.00 Green Giant vegetables 14-15.25 oz.-.83 cents SunnD drinks 64 oz.-$1.10 Koch Snack Cravers, chicken cordon bleu or Quaker Maid philly steaks 9-22 oz.-$5.00 Ken’s salad dressing 9 oz.-$1.00 Pillsbury brownie mixes 18.4 oz.-$1.15 Crystal Light drink mix 10-12 qt. or hawaiian Punch, Crush or Wyler’s liquid water enhancers 162 oz.-$2.00 Armour meatballs or corn dogs 14-16 oz.-$2.50 Zatarain’s frozen dinners 10-12 oz.-$1.75 Simmering Samurai dinners 24 oz.-$2.50 Chili’s single serve entrees 10 oz.-$2.00 Weight Watchers desserts-$2.00 TopCare feminine pads 14-24 ct.-$1.40 Arm & Hammer laundry detergent 35-60 loads or 24-28 ct. paks-$3.50 Southern Home foam plates 50 ct. or full size cutlery 24 ct.-$1.25 Panera soup 16 oz.-$2.50

Sneak Peek Of New Bi-LO Ad (7/23-7/29)

Sneak Peek Of New Bi-LO Ad (12/11-12/17)

Sneak Peek Of New Bi-LO Ad (10/2-10/8)

Bi-LO Ad With Coupon Matchups (9/11-9/17)


Meal Deal:
Buy (2) Freschetta pizza 16-29 oz.- $13.98
TGI Friday’s appetizers
Mayfield ice cream
7UP, Diet Rite or RC cola

What A Deal:
Buy (1) Finish tab or gelpacs 32 ct. or Finish Quantum dishwasher detergent 25 ct.-$7.99
-.50/1 ; $1/2 Finish Gelpacs or Powerball, any 20 ct or larger (Limit of 2 like coupons in same shopping trip) – 08-18-13 SS
Gain dish detergent
Southern Home paper towels
Clorox Clean-UP spray cleaner
$0.50/1 Clorox Clean-Up With Bleach 32 oz+, Formula 409 Cleaner 22 oz+, Pine-Sol 24 oz+, or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes 34 ct+ peelie
$1/1 Clorox, any cleaning product from The Clorox Company family of products. Home Mailer

Chicken thighs or drumsticks (must buy 2)- $2.19 on 2 lbs.
Boneless center cut pork chops (must buy 2)- $4.99 on 2 lbs.
Pork shoulder blade steaks (must buy 2)-$3.99 on 2 lbs.
Country Style pork ribs (must buy 2)-$3.99 on 2 lbs.

Nature’s Own Butterbread 20 oz. or hamburger or hot dog buns 8 ct.-$3.49 ($1.74 ea)
*-$0.75/1 Nature’s Own Bread Or Buns, Any – 08-25-13 SS
-$1/2 Nature’s Own Bread, any 24 oz and any Hidden Valley Spread or Dip – found on Nature’s Own bread –  Peelie
Total OOP: 99 cents

Kraft Deluxe, Homestyle, Velveeta shells & cheese dinner or Homestyle cups 3.6-14 oz.-$3.19 ($1.59 ea)
*$1.50/2 Kraft Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese or Velveeta Shells or Rotini & Cheese, any 9.4-14 oz (Publix Coupon) – Green Publix Flyer **Competitor Coupon**
$1/3 Fresh meat, pork, poultry or seafood WYB (2) participating Kraft products (shows Kraft Deluxe Mac & Cheese, Miracle Whip, Velveeta Cheesy Skillets, A.1., Shake ‘n Bake, Good Seasons Zesty Italian) (DND) – found on chicken peelie
Total OOP: $1.69 for 2 Continue reading Bi-LO Ad With Coupon Matchups (9/11-9/17)

Bi-LO Ad With Matchups (9/4-9/10)


What A Deal:
Buy:(1) Tide liquid laundry detergent 48-64 loads-$14.99
$1/2 Tide Detergents, Tide Boost, Tide Washing Machine Cleaner, Tide To-Go, Downy or Bounce, any (Excludes Trial/Travel Size) (Limit Of 4 Like Coupons Per Household Per Day) – 09-01-13 PG
Southern Home Supreme Clean bleach
Downy liquid fabric softener
$1/2 Tide Detergents, Tide Boost, Tide Washing Machine Cleaner, Tide To-Go, Downy or Bounce, any (Excludes Trial/Travel Size) (Limit Of 4 Like Coupons Per Household Per Day) – 09-01-13 PG
$1/1 Downy Liquid Fabric Softener, any 62 oz or larger (Limit of 4 Identical Coupons Per Household Per Day) (Target Coupon) – 08-25-13 SS 
Bounce fabric softener sheets
$0.50/1 Tide Detergent, Tide Boost, Tide Washing Machine Cleaner, Tide To-Go, Downy or Bounce, any (Excludes Trial/Travel Size) (Limit Of 4 Like Coupons Per Household Per Day) – 09-01-13 PG 
Angel Soft bath tissue
$0.50/1 Angel Soft Bathroom Tissue, any – found on product

Boneless skinless chicken breasts-$4.99 on 2 lbs. (must buy 2)

Fresh Express salad blends or kits 5-12 oz.-$3.99 ($1.99 ea)
$2/2 Fresh Express Salad, any AND Fresh Express Artisanal Salad -Peelie

House of Raeford chicken breasts or tenderloins 40 oz. bag-$10.99
Country Style shoulder blade pork ribs-$3.99  on 2 lbs. (must buy 2)
Fisherman’s Wharf raw or cooked shrimp 12-16 oz.-$11.99
Fisherman’s Wharf fish fillets 12-16 oz.-$7.99
Fresh baked Kaiser rolls 6 ct.-$3.99

Kraft salad dressing 8 oz. or Anything dips 1-1.25 oz.-$2.19 ($1.09 ea)
Southern Home peanuts 16 oz.-$3.89
Planters Nut*rition mix 7.5-10.2 oz.-$6.79
Tastykake mini donuts 10-11 oz.-$2.99

Quaker cereals, oatmeal or grits 10.3-15.1 oz.-$4.99 ($2.49 ea)
$1/2 Quaker Product, Any – 08-04-13 RP
*$1/1 Quaker Life Cereal, Any Carton Home Mailer
Total OOP: $1.49

Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip 30 oz.-$5.79 ($2.89 ea)
$1/1 Kraft Mayo Or Miracle Whip Dressing, Any 30 Oz. Or Larger (DND/DNT) – Found On Product  Peelie
$1/1 Kraft Miracle Whip Dressing, 12 oz Or Larger – Facebook Coupon
$1/1 Kraft Miracle Whip Dressing, any 22 oz or larger – 08-25-13 SS
Total OOP: $1.89 Continue reading Bi-LO Ad With Matchups (9/4-9/10)