Sneak Peek Of New Bi-LO Ad ( 5/25-5/31)

Sneak Peek of New Bi-LO Ad ( 5/18-5/24)

Sneak Peek of New Bi-LO Ad (3/16-3/24)

Sneak Peek Of New Bi-LO Ad ( 3/9-3/15)

Sneak Peek of New Bi-LO Ad (2/17-2/23)

Sneak Peek Of New Bi-LO AD ( 9/16-9/22)

I’m sorry guys. I got the ad yesterday and forgot about it. sneak peek Slideshow version of new ad

Sneak Peek Of New Bi-LO Ad ( 8/26-9/1)

Sorry I didn’t post last week. School started for me. sneak peek Slideshow version of new ad

Sneak Peek of New Bi-LO ad (7/15-7/21)

sneak peek

Slideshow version -sorry guys I’m a little late with the ad and one pic is in the wrong place but you get the idea. :)

Sneak Peek Of New Bi-LO Ad (1/14-1/20)

Sneak Peek of Bi-LO Ad (10/15-10/21)

Usually we give you a sneak peek every week where your able to see the ad but this week is going to be a little different. I believe I have a virus on my computer so until my Tech savvy man (the hubby) can look at it, I have to post the type up for you. Here is a little sneak peek of what is coming our way this week…

sneak peek

BOGO’s: Breyers ice cream 48 oz.-$6.23 Fresh baked 8 ct. white, wheat or seeded Bienna rolls-$2.99 Fresh made 2 ct. jumbo cupcakes-$3.99 Dr. Oetker Ristoratnte pizza 11.5-13.8 oz.-$6.22 Kool-Aid, Tang or Country Time 6-8 qts. or Kool-Aid, country Time singles 10-12 ct. Hawaiian Punch, Crush or Wylers liquid water enhancers 1.62 oz. or Crystal Light on the go sticks 7-12 ct.-$3.99 Barilla pasta 12-16 oz.-$1.59 Barilla pasta sauce 24 oz.-$2.69 Southern Home spices, seasonings or extracts-$4.99 Ocean Spray 100% cranberry juice blends 12-64 oz.-$4.19 Banquet Brown ‘N Serve breakfast sausage 6.4 oz. links or patties-$2.49 Arizona tea 23 oz.-.99 cents Thomas Bagel Thins 13 oz. or Arnold Sandwich Thins 11.75-12 oz.-$3.99 Green Giant vegetables 14-15.25 oz.-$1.65 Lindy’s Italian ice 6 pk-$3.59 Welch’s grape jam, jely or strawberry spread 20-22 oz. squeeze-$3.89 Lysol disinfecting wipes 56-80 ct. -$5.59 DampRid Airscapes 7-14 oz.-$6.29 Enhanced natural peanut butter 16 oz.-$4.29 Assorted toys -$19.99 Nature Made vitamins-$9.99 Alive! vitmains or Wellesse laxatives-$12.99 Arm & Hammer toothpaste 4.3-6 oz.-$4.49 Pup-Peroni dog treats 5.6 oz.-$3.99 Skittles or Starburts fun size bag 10.5-10.7 oz.-$3.29 Ken’s salad dressing 16 oz. or Sticky Fingers barbecue sauce 18 oz.-$3.59 Hamburger Helper Ultimate Meals 8.6-9.8 oz.-$2.89 Old El Paso dinner kits 8.4-19.2 oz.-$3.09 Hormel Chili with beans 15 oz., chili no beans 10.5 oz. or Dinty Moore stew 24 oz.-$2.99 Eight O’Clock coffee 11-12 oz. or Southern Home coffee creamer 16 oz.-$6.79 Southern Home pretzels 11-14 oz.-$1.49 Southern Home assorted trash bags 20-35 ct.-$5.59 Southern Home foam plates 50 ct.-$2.49 Oscar Mayer meat hot dogs 14-16 oz.-$3.29 Oscar Mayer deli shaved lunchmeat 16 oz.-$4.99 Sea Best breaded seafood, Calamari, Clam strips or coconut shrimp 9-10 oz.-$8.99 Ocean Cafe crab cakes or bites 16-17 oz.-$9.99

Fuel Perks: Yoplait Greek or Grek 100 yogurt 5.3 oz.-10 for $10 (earn 10 for every 10) Gain laundry detergent 26-32 loads liquid or 31-40 loads powder or Tide PODS or Gain flings! 16 ct.-$4.88 (earn 5 cents for every 1) Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches 12.6-18 oz.-$5.99 (earn 5 cents for every 1)