How Did Your Triple Shopping Go?

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So we’ve gotten tons of feedback these tripling days and we really appreciate it. ┬áIt has helped all of us save money. Now, this is just from the rumor mill but I was told that Bi-LO may have triple coupon day every now and again. Wouldn’t that be awesome!?

Did anyone have trouble at their stores? I know that Bi-LO set limits on how many “like” coupons we can have; was your Bi-LO lenient? or Did they follow every rule to the “T”.

We all have one more day of Triples so I wish you all the best.

Now, post your brags! Tell us what what was your lowest transaction cost? Also, let us know what you stocked up on.

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2 comments to How Did Your Triple Shopping Go?

  • Renee
    We stocked up on Mrs. Smith’s pies for the holidays, cookies for Santa, Betty Crocker potatoes, House of Autry bread mixes, Dixie Crystal sugar (all kinds), Dannon Oikos yogurt, Vanity Fair napkins, Mrs. Dash seasonings, Pioneer gravy mixes, Welch’s refrigerated juice, Twix bars. We had done our monthly grocery shopping so triple coupon days allowed us to get additional things and be able to donate as well. I hope they continue the triple coupon days. We had so much fun!
  • Heather
    Triples was amazing! I got six cheerios and free milk for less than $2.50; Huggies baby wipes for the upcoming baby niece for 25 cents a pack; Bounce dryer sheets for 84 cents a box; Old El Paso seasoning packs; Herbal Essences body washes for 25 cents; Reynolds Wrap for 75 cents; Ritz for 25 cents; Pioneer gravy mixes; and Pop Tarts!!!

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