Holiday Giveaway

Eight years ago I was in a different place from where I am now. I was young (er) and my husband and I were expecting our first child. True, it was a happy time but we were living from paycheck to paycheck; so the holidays were stressful.
Now, fast forward I have gotten quite good at this couponing thing and I save tons of money through-out the year we are able to splurge during holidays. The most important thing we try to teach our children is humility. We are a frugal living family and we give back to our community often but during the holidays we try to focus our attention on families or individuals in need.

That is what our “Holiday Giveaway” is all about. Giving back to a complete stranger..—Bi-LO style! LOL
For all that want to participate in this fun giveaway. All you have to do is  give coupons to a complete stranger that will help them in  their shopping transaction. (Sounds easy, right?)

Here are the rules:
1.Give a person- up to 10 coupons (no more than 10)
2.Say the sites name to them. ( Ask them if they have ever heard of  You can further discuss this if you like. LOL)

 Now: what makes this giveaway interesting is that you “You Tubers” out there will have $5 added to your total for every video you do. Same rules apply but be sure you verify that you are in a Bi-LO.
* Don’t worry if you don’t want to do a video you still are in the running I am just counting on you to be honest on the amount you give.

Every Monday, I will Ask you ( in a post) how much have you given away this week. Just comment on the post and give the amount of the coupon and how many (if you did a video please leave your link as well).

If you need a demonstration,  Click HERE I just uploaded a video. Need further explanation Click HERE- I did a video of this too. LOL

This giveaway is live and will end December 31, 2012 (Midnight).

So obviously you want to know the prize, right? 

20 Whole Inserts (plus some other surprises that will be revealed later )

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2 comments to Holiday Giveaway

  • Laura E.

    Is it a limit of 10 coupons total per week or 10 per day?

  • Iheartbi-lo

    You can give as many coupons you want but you can only give 10 coupons to one person. It’s totally up to you if you want to give 10 more to another person. (it’s up to 10 because that is Bi-LO’s policy- only 10 per transaction).
    The more you give the more your total will be. If you decide to give and do a youtube video of you doing it then $5 will be applied to the total amount of coupons you gave. For example: you give (10) $1.00 coupons to someone and do a video= you total is $15.

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