Bi-LO Ad With Matchups (8/20-8/26)


What A Deal#1:
Southern Home charcoal briquets twin pack 33.2 lb.-$14.89
2 liter Chek
Handi-foil aluminum foil
Dixie ultra strong plates or bowls
Tom’s chips
hot pork skins

What A Deal #2:
Elements fry pan 11 inch-$16.99
John Morrell smoked sausage
White House apple juice
Simply Potatoes
$0.55/1 Simply Potatoes, any one package Home Mailer
Hungry Jack pancake mix


Hormel Black label bacon 12-16 oz.-$8.99

Doritos 10-11 oz.-$4.29

Oscar Mayer Deli fresh family size lunchmeat 16 oz.-$7.99

Fisherman’s Wharf shrimp -$14.99

Kraft Velveeta cheese 8 oz.-$3.94

Blue Bunny assorted novelties 8-10 pk-$6.29 ($3.14 ea)
$0.35/1 Blue Bunny Novelty, Any Tearpad
*$0.50/1 Blue Bunny Novelty, Any Tearpad
Total OOP: $2.14 Continue reading Bi-LO Ad With Matchups (8/20-8/26)

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Cheap Breakstone Sour Cream

Deal starting 8/20

BreakstoneWoo Hoo! Fruit salad here I come…

use: BOGO Breakstone Sour Cream 8 oz (max value $1.79)-Publix Stocking Spree Sheet **Competitor Coupon**

=Pay $1 for 2

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Sneak Peek Of New Bi-LO Ad (8/20-8/26)

What Are Your Thoughts?

conversation 1

I’m actually at a loss of words when we start talking about the treatment of couponers at Bi-lO and how several hundred of you are very irritated with the new coupon change.
I can say this….your complaints are not falling on deaf ears. I am completely baffled the way Bi-LO has changed towards couponers because I thought the sole idea of business was to encourage shoppers to their store.
Let me explain my difficulty with Bi-LO….I realize we at iheartbi-lo are not an extremely large site but we are popular and gaining readers. I have ran into several Bi-LO managers that would not give us the ad early (as we are used to) because they don’t want it to get out to their competitors. Well, as most of you couponers know…THAT IS THE WHOLE IDEA OF COUPONING! Not to mention any names but their are other sites that are specific to a particular grocery store and they don’t seem to have any trouble getting the ad early and helping others save money while shopping at their store. Bi-LO is not making it easy on me either, shopping or grabbing the ad.

This idea maybe far fetched but I’m going to say it anyway…Maybe we all should keep the comments coming about what stores are doing. Comment on what stores are mistreating you and what you believe is the down fall of their coupon policy. How does it effect your household? They can not ignore the fact that the average shopper is trying to save money as much as they possibly can and if they are not treated like descent human beings rather than common petty thieves, then we will take our business elsewhere. If many of you comment on this post I will send it on to Bi-LO’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Let see if we can make a change.

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Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad

Starts 8/13
suddenly saladuse: save .50 When you buy TWO any variety Betty Crocker™. Suddenly Salad™..Bi-LO e-coupon
and if you use SavingStar- load:
Save 50¢ when you buy TWO (2) any variety Betty Crocker™ Suddenly Salad™..Expires 8/31/2014.

Total OOP: $2.09 for 2 and earn .50 in SavingStar

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Hormel Chili

Starts 8/13

hormeluse: Save .55 On the purchase of any two (2) HORMEL® Chili. products-Bi-LO e-coupon

pair with: 55¢ off With purchase of two Hormel Chili items -Target **Competitor Coupon**

Total OOP: $3.90 for 3 and earn 3 cents in Fuel Perks

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Hot or Lean Pockets

Deal starts 8/13

hot pockets

if you are lucky to find:
use: (2) $1/2 Hot Pockets or Lean Pockets brand sandwiches 8-9 oz., Kroger my magazine “Making the grade”, Mfg. coupon with Kroger logo

$1 off four Hot Pockets or Lean Pockets frozen sandwiches-Target **Competitor Coupon**

Total OOP: $4.52 for 4

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Pillsbury Cookie Deal

Deal starts 8/13


$1.00 off 2 Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough

$1 off two Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough items- Target **Competitor Coupon**

if you use both coupons=$3 for 2 and earn 5 cents in Fuel Perks.

and it gets better… if you do SavingStar then you’ll want to load:
Save $1.00 when you buy TWO (2) PACKAGES any variety Pillsbury® Refrigerated Cookie Dough..Expires 8/31/2014

Total OOP: $3 for 2 and earn 5 cents in Fuel Perks and earn $1.00 in SavingStar


**if your Bi-LO is accepting the Bi-LO e-coupon on top of the above …load:

Save $1 When you buy TWO PACKAGES any variety. Pillsbury® Refrigerated Cookie Dough..Bi-LO e-coupon

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Grab Printable Coupons To Help Your Bi-LO Shopping

Sneak Peek Of New Bi-LO AD (8/13-8/19)

Hey guys I need to apologize…as you know school is right around the corner and I’ve been crazy busy getting my kiddos ready for it. I just got the ad so we will try our best to get the deals out for you.

sneak peek
Slideshow version of new ad.

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