What Are Your Thoughts?

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I’m actually at a loss of words when we start talking about the treatment of couponers at Bi-lO and how several hundred of you are very irritated with the new coupon change.
I can say this….your complaints are not falling on deaf ears. I am completely baffled the way Bi-LO has changed towards couponers because I thought the sole idea of business was to encourage shoppers to their store.
Let me explain my difficulty with Bi-LO….I realize we at iheartbi-lo are not an extremely large site but we are popular and gaining readers. I have ran into several Bi-LO managers that would not give us the ad early (as we are used to) because they don’t want it to get out to their competitors. Well, as most of you couponers know…THAT IS THE WHOLE IDEA OF COUPONING! Not to mention any names but their are other sites that are specific to a particular grocery store and they don’t seem to have any trouble getting the ad early and helping others save money while shopping at their store. Bi-LO is not making it easy on me either, shopping or grabbing the ad.

This idea maybe far fetched but I’m going to say it anyway…Maybe we all should keep the comments coming about what stores are doing. Comment on what stores are mistreating you and what you believe is the down fall of their coupon policy. How does it effect your household? They can not ignore the fact that the average shopper is trying to save money as much as they possibly can and if they are not treated like descent human beings rather than common petty thieves, then we will take our business elsewhere. If many of you comment on this post I will send it on to Bi-LO’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Let see if we can make a change.

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Home Sweet Home

Howdy guys! I’m back!!!! It was great to get away but like all vacations it’s hard to come back to reality. My family and I went to Texas for 16 days. Yea, as you can imagine I needed a vacation from my vacation.
Vacation with kids is exhausting! But, we had a ball. We are back home safe and sound, trying to get back into the swing of things.

Good news and Bad news:

Before I left I let you know that my Bi-LO was changing so I will not be able to get that ad anymore because it is for a certain area. Good news: I have another Bi-LO to get the ad from but the ad doesn’t come till Monday. So this may be the end of getting early ad previews.

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Winner Of The Lego Movie



you are the winner of the “Everything is awesome” giveaway. I hope that your kids enjoy the Lego movie.

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Couple Of Announcements


Hey guys just wanted to let you know that I’m  am heading out on a family vacation from June 24 till July 10.  I made a promise to my husband that I wouldn’t work while we are out of town so with that being said I will not have the ad for 7/2 on the site.
I have this coming weeks ad but I have gotten word that “my” Bi-LO is becoming a Hometown Bi-LO and their ad is different from the rest. Some deals are the same but basically the meats are different. I will post this coming weeks ad but I probably won’t be able to grab the ad from another store before I head out.

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Bi-LO e-coupons (What Are Your Thoughts?)


So it’s been rumored that Bi-LO is no longer accepting e-coupons as store coupons. They are considered manufacture coupons. Earlier today I went to Bi-LO and bought last minute Breyer’s ice cream; and while I was at the cash register I realized that I added the $3/3 Breyer’s e-coupon to my card. Then it dawned on me what I heard about e-coupons but I was ready to use the manufacture and competitor coupon in my transaction. To my excitement my deal went through smoothly but I still wondered with all the business changes that the Bi-LO corporation has made lately, Did they change their coupon policy too?
I asked my store manager if what I heard was correct and he conformed that Bi-LO e-coupons are in fact manufacture coupons but here is the bottom line…
If the register doesn’t beep and alert the cashier then it will take all the coupons.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Will this change effect your Bi-LO shopping?

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Almondina Givaway Winner



You are the winner! I hope you enjoy trying all the delicious flavors this gourmet cookie has to offer as much as I did.


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Winners Of the Schick Razor Coupons



Brittany C., Kayla, Britney J. & April V. You are all winners of the Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Care Razor coupons.
Keep an eye out for an email from us in your inbox.   Enjoy!

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How Did Your Triple Shopping Go?

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So we’ve gotten tons of feedback these tripling days and we really appreciate it.  It has helped all of us save money. Now, this is just from the rumor mill but I was told that Bi-LO may have triple coupon day every now and again. Wouldn’t that be awesome!?

Did anyone have trouble at their stores? I know that Bi-LO set limits on how many “like” coupons we can have; was your Bi-LO lenient? or Did they follow every rule to the “T”.

We all have one more day of Triples so I wish you all the best.

Now, post your brags! Tell us what what was your lowest transaction cost? Also, let us know what you stocked up on.

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“Hello” To All Newbies Out There


“Hello”   to all the newbies of iheartbi-lo. We try to bring you the best deals at Bi-LO using coupons, competitor coupons and e-coupons.
Usually we have a sneak peek of the new ad around the weekend, a slideshow version and a Youtube version.

We also try to list all coupons by color. For example, Red is a manufacture couponBlue is a printable manufacture coupon,  Green is a competitor coupon and purple is a e-coupon.

If you have any questions about couponing at Bi-LO or if you would like to share a deal you found in your Bi-LO please email us, Tweet us, or post it on our Facebook page. I try very hard to answer in a timing manner but there are tons of knowledgeable couponers that visit this site and they are always happy to help as well.

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What Spooky Family Are You?

Halloween is just around the corner and like most parents out there I am busy carving pumpkins, baking sweet treats, and doing halloween crafts with the kids. Last year I geared up with all the clearence Halloween customs so everyone is dressing up this year (parents included).

This is also the time when tv networks air their special  spooky chartoons, the kids always enjoy them but then of course we have deal with “the monster is  under the bed”   later. ←”Good Times!”

So what are you most looking forward to?  Take Which Spooky Family Are You? QUIZ – Is your family all about the candy and costumes? Or are you pumpkin-carving crazy? Take the quiz to find out which spooky family YOU are!

I’m am really excited about this giveaway because when you post your results you will be entered to win a WB Spook-Tacular Family Movie [CHOSEN AT RANDOM].

Cool! huh?  Remember all you have to do to enter this giveaway is comment on Facebook, Twitter or on iheartbi-lo and we’ll pick one lucky winner. You can enter on all three if you like….Just enter.
This giveaway will end Sunday @ midnight (10/20).     CLOSED

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