Winners Of the Schick Razor Coupons



Brittany C., Kayla, Britney J. & April V. You are all winners of the Schick Hydro Silk Sensitive Care Razor coupons.
Keep an eye out for an email from us in your inbox.   Enjoy!

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How Did Your Triple Shopping Go?

post brags

So we’ve gotten tons of feedback these tripling days and we really appreciate it.  It has helped all of us save money. Now, this is just from the rumor mill but I was told that Bi-LO may have triple coupon day every now and again. Wouldn’t that be awesome!?

Did anyone have trouble at their stores? I know that Bi-LO set limits on how many “like” coupons we can have; was your Bi-LO lenient? or Did they follow every rule to the “T”.

We all have one more day of Triples so I wish you all the best.

Now, post your brags! Tell us what what was your lowest transaction cost? Also, let us know what you stocked up on.

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“Hello” To All Newbies Out There


“Hello”   to all the newbies of iheartbi-lo. We try to bring you the best deals at Bi-LO using coupons, competitor coupons and e-coupons.
Usually we have a sneak peek of the new ad around the weekend, a slideshow version and a Youtube version.

We also try to list all coupons by color. For example, Red is a manufacture couponBlue is a printable manufacture coupon,  Green is a competitor coupon and purple is a e-coupon.

If you have any questions about couponing at Bi-LO or if you would like to share a deal you found in your Bi-LO please email us, Tweet us, or post it on our Facebook page. I try very hard to answer in a timing manner but there are tons of knowledgeable couponers that visit this site and they are always happy to help as well.

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What Spooky Family Are You?

Halloween is just around the corner and like most parents out there I am busy carving pumpkins, baking sweet treats, and doing halloween crafts with the kids. Last year I geared up with all the clearence Halloween customs so everyone is dressing up this year (parents included).

This is also the time when tv networks air their special  spooky chartoons, the kids always enjoy them but then of course we have deal with “the monster is  under the bed”   later. ←”Good Times!”

So what are you most looking forward to?  Take Which Spooky Family Are You? QUIZ – Is your family all about the candy and costumes? Or are you pumpkin-carving crazy? Take the quiz to find out which spooky family YOU are!

I’m am really excited about this giveaway because when you post your results you will be entered to win a WB Spook-Tacular Family Movie [CHOSEN AT RANDOM].

Cool! huh?  Remember all you have to do to enter this giveaway is comment on Facebook, Twitter or on iheartbi-lo and we’ll pick one lucky winner. You can enter on all three if you like….Just enter.
This giveaway will end Sunday @ midnight (10/20).     CLOSED

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Winner Of Green Giant Veggie Snack Pack


James V

You are the winner of the Green Giant Veggie Snack pack.

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Two More Bi-LO Coupon Winners

Thanks to everyone that entered the quick Bi-LO coupon giveaway. Unfortunetly I didn’t hear from two of the original winners so I had to pick two more. Congrats…

Ann Y.
Derrell D

I’ve just sent you an email. Please provide me with your mailing address and the coupons will go out tomorrow.

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Bi-LO Coupon Winners

Alright guys…We have the winners.


                                                                                 Heather Merritt

                                                                                     Dawn Riggs

                                                                                         Amber t


I just emailed all of you, please respond ASAP with your mailing address.

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What Are Your Thoughts-Bi-LO Dollar Tank Club


Just wanted to see how many of you are participating in the Dollar Tank Club? Now, don’t get me wrong the idea of Free Gas is wonderful but how much are you spending at the grocery store to get it? The way The Dollar Tank Club was explained to me is that you have to earn the same amount of Fuel Perks as gas. For example, if gas is $3.09 then you have to have at least $3.00 in Fuel Perks.
    One reader asked us  if we all noticed that Fuel Perk itmes seemed to be overpriced. Even with coupons, the price of Fuel Perks items are uncomparable to other grocery stores.
Personally, I understand this way of thinking I typically will not go for Fuel Perk items just for the gas perk; I shop with coupons so I try to get the best deal possible. I tend to look at the items with coupons perferably the ones that have multiple coupons attatched to them (manufacture, e-coupons, & competitor coupons).

So what are you thoughts on The Dollar Tank Club?  is it worth it? How many Fuel Perks have you accumulated thus far?

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Shopping Story

Is your Bi-LO  shopping trips ever difficult  due to your kids behavior?
shopping with kids

Today was so aweful that I have to share it with your guys.
So I’ m heading to Bi-LO already dreading my shopping trip because my two older children have been bickering all day about everything. Ofcourse, I have all three kids in tow. I start off by visiting the bakery for their free cookie (huge mistake) and then I begin my shopping.
Long story short,I’m trying to concentrate on what the cashier is doing so my tranaction will come out right , my two older kids are still at it and my youngest son helps himself to a king size snickers, which he starts to consume  with the wrapper.

Counting to ten at this point. Can we say ” W..o..o..s..a..h”!

Days like this all I want is to send my kids to bed early and have  a  tall glass of an alcoholic beverage (any would do) or lots of donuts!  Either one and I’ll be happy. LOL

**From now on I am correcting my mistake,  my two older kids will not get their cookie untill I’m ready to walk out the grocery store, if their actions are rewarded.

So what is the secret? What are your thoughts? How do you keep your sanity and shop with kids?

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So You Want To Be A Couponer, Huh? Part 3


So we have discussed how to get coupons and what are the best ways to organize them. Now, let’s talk about probably the most important part of couponing…..GETTING A FRIEND!

Yep, I said it. You need to get out of your comfort zone and start talking to other couponers.  You’ll be  surprised just how much you may have in common with someone else that is couponing. Get on sites such as: IHeartB-LO or Smart Shopping Ladies, you’ll get information about deals that you may or may not know and from another perspective.

Early on in my couponing adventure, I was a member of a coupon forum where I  started making friends online. Later,  as I became more comfortable in this couponing game, I was talking to everyone that had a coupon in their hands; just to see what they knew and where they went to get their information. Till this very day,  I still have some of the same friends. Before I moved to Lexington, SC I was fortunate to be on the local news several times where I used to live (WYFF channel 4). As a result of this opportunity I was able to meet even more like minded people.

The whole reason of telling you a little about my couponing experience is to reiterate how important “friends” are. Fast Forward to today I have at least 4 people on speed dial that I talk to weekly about deals that we are excited about and the coupons that we would use. Even now, as I post deals on iheartbi-lo some of the same names pop up under ”comments” and I consider them to be  friends. I love talking to people that share the same common goal as I….Saving money using coupons!

 **If you missed the other articles you can find them Here.
So You Want To Be A Couponer, Huh?
So You Want To Be A Couponer,  Huh?Part 2

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