Bi-LO e-coupons (What Are Your Thoughts?)


So it’s been rumored that Bi-LO is no longer accepting e-coupons as store coupons. They are considered manufacture coupons. Earlier today I went to Bi-LO and bought last minute Breyer’s ice cream; and while I was at the cash register I realized that I added the $3/3 Breyer’s e-coupon to my card. Then it dawned on me what I heard about e-coupons but I was ready to use the manufacture and competitor coupon in my transaction. To my excitement my deal went through smoothly but I still wondered with all the business changes that the Bi-LO corporation has made lately, Did they change their coupon policy too?
I asked my store manager if what I heard was correct and he conformed that Bi-LO e-coupons are in fact manufacture coupons but here is the bottom line…
If the register doesn’t beep and alert the cashier then it will take all the coupons.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Will this change effect your Bi-LO shopping?

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6 comments to Bi-LO e-coupons (What Are Your Thoughts?)

  • cg
    I know longer even look at Bilo ecoupons, nor add them to my card. At first when the register beeped when I had a paper coupon and an ecoupon the cashier would push the paper one through. The last time I went to Bilo I noticed she did the same thing but when she did the ecoupon didn’t come off. I think if Bilo is going to do these things they should update their coupon policy and let us all know. The same thing happened with rain checks. I know they didn’t used to have an expiration date, a few weeks ago I was told they last 2 weeks from the date on them. I was also told it started sometime last October. I never saw or heard anything about it. If it weren’t for customers on blogs like this one talking about the ecoupons I wouldn’t have known then.

    Bilo, make a coupon policy and stick to it.

  • I agree with cg. I don’t even bother with them anymore. I kind of had the feeling that they weren’t using them as store coupons anymore because it seems they were all coupons we could print from And after the last couple times of my eCoupons not working, I gave up. Ever since they started eCoupons I always had a 50/50 shot that they wouldn’t work at the register. Super annoying. But I think BI-LO should tell us all what the deal is exactly. By your manager saying that about if the computer beeps or not is really tacky. I’d like to know the black and white answer and I think he/she shouldn’t have said that.
  • cg
    On my receipt from bilo yesterday at the bottom it said if you’re having trouble with ecoupons to call the 1800 number listed. I didn’t have any saved on my card so I haven’t called.
  • Katherine
    They are having a tech issue with ecoupons they are still accepting them. Policy has not changed!!!!
  • Jennifer
    I have heard from the manager at my BI-LO and recently read on BI-LO supersaver FB page that there are policy changes coming. Any idea what the changes are?
  • Frankie
    Im really reconsidering shopping at bi-lo as a default anymore. I normally do all my regular grocery shopping at bi-lo and then any coupon deals i can get as well. Then occasionally I dab into publix as a secondary from time to time for a few of their deals. Its just that this year, I feel as though I have been treated as a criminal at bilo. I mean as soon as a couponer hits the register, the managers come running over to look through the coupons and to advise you of their latest coupon policy changes, etc. Lord help you if you make any mistakes, cause they just love to point out a day old expired coupon or something. They act like the detective that just busted the case wide open. My load yesterday included peelies that were on the shelves that were expired by 2 days and they acted like I was trying to sneak drugs over the border. I’m just so “up to here” with bilo. I used to defned bilo tooth and nail. Not anymore. Now Their “newest” coupon policy went into effect this past Monday. Only 5 like coupons per transaction. I had a raincheck for 10 dixie plates. I had 10 dixie doubles. He refused the other 5. So I asked about putting on another trans. He refused, I asked why and he pointed to rule number 1, management has the right to refuse any coupons. After some back and forth he finally agreed to only doing it this one time. However, they didn’t double past 5. Then I had 4 cheerios coupons from publix. He would only take one. I thought I could use up to ten competitors and he pointed to another rule in the “new policy” only one like competitor coupon per visit. This is the third coupon policy this year alone. Im so over it. When I go into publix they treat me like they want me to come back not like a criminal because i use coupons. They bend over backwards and even told me they would take my expired bilo coupons if i started shopping there. Only thing really holding me back is the double up to 60 at bilo and publix is up to 50. But I about dont care anymore. After couponing with bilo for almost 7 yrs I think im going to make a change. I want to enjoy my shopping experiance, like i used to and not dread getting to the counter.

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