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Heart On My Sleeve

I recently got the opportunity to participate in the Mary Lambert  Heart On My Sleeve album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided a free album to review so All opinions are my own.
At first the name didn’t ring a bell but when I heard the song “Secrets” I knew I’ve heard the song and her voice before. Mary Lambert is the voice singing the hook on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis marriage equality athem “Same Love” but what I didn’t know is that she wrote the song. So of course after learning that she was a song writer and she had a major part is other artists progression, I was interested.

I really liked her album. If you are one of those people that uplifting and empowering artists then Heart On My Sleeve is for you. She is the type of artist that writes meaningful songs and challenges others to break down stereotypes She truly is a poet in her own right.

Mary Lambert album drops soon but you can don’t have to wait you can pre-order it on iTunes & Amazon.

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Sneak Peek Of New Bi-LO Ad (10/22-10/28)

It’s just my opinion but I believe that we alter having good weeks for the Bi-LO ad. This must be the “off” week.
sneak peek

Slideshow version of new ad

Type up preview:

Crystal Farms shredded or chunk cheese 8 oz.-$4.09
Lay’s potato chips 9.5-10 oz.-$4.29
Nature’s Own butterbread 20 oz., butter hamburger or hot dog buns 8 ct. or Thomas bagels 20 oz.-$4.49
Mueller’s pasta 12-17.6 oz.-$1.99
Progresso soup 16-19 oz.-$2.55
Ball Park meat franks 15 oz.-$3.99
Watermelon chunks -$3.49
Hillshire Farm Lit’l Smokies 13-14 oz-$4.49
Oscar Mayer cold cuts 8 oz.-$3.59
Pepperidge Farm layer cake or turnover desserts 12.5-19.6 oz.-$4.46
Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks, tenders or fillets 18-22.9 oz. or 44 ct.-$6.99
Kellogg’s Mini-Wheats cereals 15-18 oz.-$3.89
Panda Express sauces 18.74-20.75 oz.-$3.79
Kool-Sid, Tang or Bountry Time 6-8 qt. or Kool-Aid or Country Time singles 10-12 ct.-$3.99
Crystal Light on the go sticks 7-12 ct.-$2.99
Welch’s Essentials grape juice 64 oz.-$3.29
Entenmann’s Little Bites 8-11 oz.-$4.49
Pop* Secret microw3ave popcorn 6-10 ct. or jumbo kernel jar 30 oz.-$5.29
Kraft caramels 11 oz.-$2.59
Arm & Hammer laundry detergent 35-60 loads liquid or 24-28 ct. power paks-$6.99
TopCare vitamins- $8.87


Fuel Perks:
Naked Juice 15.2 oz.-2 for $5 (earn 5 cents for every 2)
Fresh made 24 ct. cupcakes -$12.99 (earn 10 cents for every 1)
Kraft shredded or chink cheese 16 oz.-$5.99 (earn 10 cents for every 2)
Kraft Deluxe or Velveeta shells & cheese dinner 9.4-14 oz.-2 for $5 (earn 5 cents for every 2)
Planters peanut butter 16.3 oz.-2 for $5 (earn 5 cents for every 2)
Green Giant chips 5 oz.-2 for $5 (earn 5 cents for every 2)
Hob Nob or Gnarly Head 750 ml-$8.99 (earn 25 cents for every 1)
Casillero del Diablo 750 ml-$7.99 (earn 10 cents for every 1)
Clorox disinfecting wipes 32-35 ct.-2 for $5 (earn 5 cents for every 2)


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Cheap Arm & Hammer Toothpaste

Hormel Chili

.55/2 Hormel Chili Product, Any –

Total OOP: $1.89 for 2

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Hershey’s Halloween Candy

Buy 2
use:* $1.50/2 Hershey’s Snack Size Bag, Select 9 to 22 oz 9-28-14 SS
or $1.10 off (2) Hershey’s Snack Size Bags 9oz – 22oz


*$1.50 off With purchase of two Hershey’s wrapped candy bags-Target **Competitor Coupon**
$1/2 any Halloween Reese’s Snack Size bags-Rite Aid Video Value **Competitor Coupon**

Total OOP: $2.38 for 2

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Barilla Pasta Sauce

barilla pasta sauce
use: $1/1 Barilla Pasta Sauce, Any – 09-07-14 SS
Pay: .34¢ each

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Cheap Barilla Pasta

use: .55/2 Barilla Blue Box Pasta, Any – 09-07-14 SS

Total OOP: .49¢ for 2

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Cheap Pillsbury Grands!

Sneak Peek of Bi-LO Ad (10/15-10/21)

Usually we give you a sneak peek every week where your able to see the ad but this week is going to be a little different. I believe I have a virus on my computer so until my Tech savvy man (the hubby) can look at it, I have to post the type up for you.
Here is a little sneak peek of what is coming our way this week…

sneak peek

Breyers ice cream 48 oz.-$6.23
Fresh baked 8 ct. white, wheat or seeded Bienna rolls-$2.99
Fresh made 2 ct. jumbo cupcakes-$3.99
Dr. Oetker Ristoratnte pizza 11.5-13.8 oz.-$6.22
Kool-Aid, Tang or Country Time 6-8 qts. or Kool-Aid, country Time singles 10-12 ct. Hawaiian Punch, Crush or Wylers liquid water enhancers 1.62 oz. or Crystal Light on the go sticks 7-12 ct.-$3.99
Barilla pasta 12-16 oz.-$1.59
Barilla pasta sauce 24 oz.-$2.69
Southern Home spices, seasonings or extracts-$4.99
Ocean Spray 100% cranberry juice blends 12-64 oz.-$4.19
Banquet Brown ‘N Serve breakfast sausage 6.4 oz. links or patties-$2.49
Arizona tea 23 oz.-.99 cents
Thomas Bagel Thins 13 oz. or Arnold Sandwich Thins 11.75-12 oz.-$3.99
Green Giant vegetables 14-15.25 oz.-$1.65
Lindy’s Italian ice 6 pk-$3.59
Welch’s grape jam, jely or strawberry spread 20-22 oz. squeeze-$3.89
Lysol disinfecting wipes 56-80 ct. -$5.59
DampRid Airscapes 7-14 oz.-$6.29
Enhanced natural peanut butter 16 oz.-$4.29
Assorted toys -$19.99
Nature Made vitamins-$9.99
Alive! vitmains or Wellesse laxatives-$12.99
Arm & Hammer toothpaste 4.3-6 oz.-$4.49
Pup-Peroni dog treats 5.6 oz.-$3.99
Skittles or Starburts fun size bag 10.5-10.7 oz.-$3.29
Ken’s salad dressing 16 oz. or Sticky Fingers barbecue sauce 18 oz.-$3.59
Hamburger Helper Ultimate Meals 8.6-9.8 oz.-$2.89
Old El Paso dinner kits 8.4-19.2 oz.-$3.09
Hormel Chili with beans 15 oz., chili no beans 10.5 oz. or Dinty Moore stew 24 oz.-$2.99
Eight O’Clock coffee 11-12 oz. or Southern Home coffee creamer 16 oz.-$6.79
Southern Home pretzels 11-14 oz.-$1.49
Southern Home assorted trash bags 20-35 ct.-$5.59
Southern Home foam plates 50 ct.-$2.49
Oscar Mayer meat hot dogs 14-16 oz.-$3.29
Oscar Mayer deli shaved lunchmeat 16 oz.-$4.99
Sea Best breaded seafood, Calamari, Clam strips or coconut shrimp 9-10 oz.-$8.99
Ocean Cafe crab cakes or bites 16-17 oz.-$9.99

Fuel Perks:
Yoplait Greek or Grek 100 yogurt 5.3 oz.-10 for $10 (earn 10 for every 10)
Gain laundry detergent 26-32 loads liquid or 31-40 loads powder or Tide PODS or Gain flings! 16 ct.-$4.88 (earn 5 cents for every 1)
Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches 12.6-18 oz.-$5.99 (earn 5 cents for every 1)

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